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2015 Main Stage Performers

10:10-11:40pm CORNMEAL
9:05-9:45pm The Steepwater Band
8:00-8:40pm The Righteous Hillbillies
6:55-7:35pm John Condron & the Old Gang Orchestra
5:50-6:30pm Paige & the Reverent Few
4:50-5:30pm Edward David Anderson
3:55-4:35pm The Regressors
2:50-3:30pm Leadfoot
1:45-2:25pm The Prairie Ghosts
12:40-1:20pm Vaudvilleins
11:40-12:15am Alex Hoffer Band
11:00 -11:30am Hatfield Sisters



Cornmeal has never been a band to shy away from reinvention and after over 15 years, they are proving just that as the band sets out with a reformed lineup, fresh energetic sound and a long awaited first studio album in over 9 years. A nationally recognized live music institution, Cornmeal is heavily influenced by American roots and folk music and seamlessly blends lightning fast tempos and impeccable harmonies into an unrivaled live performance that continues to expand upon the five-piece acoustic-electric groups’ vast musical repertoire. While steeped in the tradition of the past, Cornmeal continues to forge a path all their own, pushing the boundaries of bluegrass, Americana and folk for a whole new generation of music lovers. With a growing fan base and ever-evolving sound, Cornmeal challenges the recipe of bluegrass and live performance.

With the release of their debut album "In The Kitchen" (2001 Livin' Live records), Cornmeal secured its place as one of the top bands in its genre. 2003’s “Tales from Magic Stone Mountain” (Livin’ Live records) garnered much critical attention and became a staple on College and AAA top 10 lists throughout the country. In May of 2006, Cornmeal released their third album, “Feet First”, which became proof positive that Cornmeal’s tenure on the road brought on an honest and mature sound. Produced by former guitarist Kris Nowak and bassist Chris Gangi, "Feet First" features a strong confidence in songwriting, musicianship and the ability of this band to stylistically ride the fence and bring it back home without missing a step.

In the beginning of 2010, Cornmeal released their first live album, “Live in Chicago, IL Vol. I” (2010 Livin’ Live Records), an album that pays tribute to the fans. Towards the end of 2011, Cornmeal released the follow up, “Live in Chicago, IL Vol. II” (2011 Livin’ Live Records). During this time the band went into the studio set to record their first album in over 5 years. Self produced by bassist Chris Gangi and tracked in Chicago at the prestigious Rax Trax recording studios, the process was cut short due to lineup changes and the album was shelved. After almost a year of auditions, rehearsals and wood shedding new material the band is poised to return to the same recording space to finish the album polishing the old material and setting forward with a new sound, new songs and a fresh perspective on the future.

While playing a blend of high profile venues, jam-band and bluegrass festivals to thousands nationally, Cornmeal has been a main stage act at some of the most renowned festivals in the country. These festivals include Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Magnolia Fest, Wakarusa Music Festival, and Summer Camp Music Festival as well as having performed on multiple stages at Bonnaroo, All Good Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, 10K Lakes, and many others. They pride themselves on the energy they put forth each night creating an unrivalled live performance that continues to shape itself into an energetic one of a kind experience. “Live in Chicago, IL Vol. I & II” prove that Cornmeal continues to be a band to watch out for. Every show they play is a unique experience that leaves fans begging for more.

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Steepwater Band

The Steepwater Band

Although The Steepwater Band got their start as devotees of delta blues, they have since been expanding on their influences taking on everything from psychedelia to Americana, and of course, rock and roll music. Formed in Chicago in 1998, the band’s signature sound is at once a nod to earlier rock n’ blues combined with a raw and gutsy musical approach. Founding band members Jeff Massey (vocals & guitar), Tod Bowers (bass) and Joe Winters (drums) have a synergy that comes from years of playing together. In early 2012 the long-time trio have been joined by Eric Saylors (guitar & bk vocal), from Indianapolis, IN. Mr. Saylors brings an added depth to the TSB LIVE sound, where the foundation laid by Bowers & Winters leaves the space for the guitars to soar and vocals to shine. Massey always performs with a passion that can belie his virtuosity, while being true to the song at hand.

The band’s infectious energy is equally evident in their live performances, as critics and fans hail their shows as forceful and intoxicating. It is their humble devotion to music, and a commitment to achieving their musical goals without compromising the integrity of their musical vision that make The Steepwater Band such a refreshing find. In 2010, the band released the highly lauded live record entitled “Live at the Double Door” which contained tracks from their previous two LPs, “Revelation Sunday (2006)” and “Grace and Melody (2008).”

The Steepwater Band has maintained a grueling schedule throughout the last 10 years, averaging about 125 shows per year. They have toured and shared the stage with acts such as Gov't Mule, Buddy Guy, Wilco, Taj Mahal, Marc Ford, ZZ Top, T-Model Ford, North Mississippi All Stars, Leon Russell, Drive-By Truckers, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Cheap Trick, Bad Company and Heart. In 2005, the band made its European debut, performing at the Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. In the following years, the band has returned to the United Kingdom and Europe for multiple club and festival tours, increasing their loyal overseas fan-base.

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The Righteous Hillbillies

The Righteous Hillbillies

The firepower of The Righteous Hillbillies blows out windows, conquers territories, foreign and domestic, and in the aftermath of the destruction, creates a new breed of rock ‘n’ roll fans. Their new album, Trece Diablos, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Righteous Hillbillies are one of the toughest, purest, and rawest purveyors of Southern Rock. Formed in 2007, after an overwhelming response of enthusiasm from rock fans and fellow musicians to an improvisational, guest musical festival performance by longtime friends Brent James, who serves as the band’s lead singer, and Kev Wright – the lead guitarist– the Hillbillies have picked up steam and made heads turn. Popular Chicago radio host, Richard Milne, of WXRT, recently said before playing a dirty, swampy cut (“Hoodoo Voodoo”) from Trece Diablos, “Everytime I listen to these guys I hear, just enough of the Drive by Truckers in what they do, and could I pay a band a higher compliment than that? I can’t, actually!”

The Righteous Hillbillies self-titled debut album, released in 2008, earned them accolades far and wide from DJs and critics. It also set them ablaze on the live circuit, performing for rowdy crowds in a variety of venues. The live promotion culminated in a gig opening for legend Charlie Daniels. David Masciotra, author of Working On a Dream: The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen and columnist with PopMatters, wrote of the show, “The Righteous Hillbillies reminded the audience that rock and roll is currently missing a few crucial elements, namely fun and danceability. The night clearly belonged to the Righteous Hillbillies.”

The Righteous Hillbillies received three standing ovations opening for Daniels, and have become a live favorite at festivals, clubs, and bars throughout the Chicagoland area. In an era and a region where it is difficult to find high energy, high powered rock with that most important and most mysterious of ingredients – soul – The Righteous Hillbillies plug the audience into a high voltage dosage every second they stand on stage. The individual members of The Righteous Hillbillies are all talented players with strong musical personalities. They unite to present a unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll that simultaneously satisfies and challenges the audience.

Brent James (vocals & rythyhm guitar), Nick Normando (vocals & lead guitar), Jeff Bella (bass guitar) and Barret Harvey (drums and percussion), are four talented, unique, and powerful individuals coalesce to create The Righteous Hillbillies. The Righteous Hillbillies are an axe shredding, ace dealing, foot stompin’, Southern rock, high-powered Ameicana, boogie blues band that plays with talent and passion. They have built a strong, supportive, and loyal following throughout their hometown of Joliet, Illinois and into the Chicago area. The Righteous Hillbillies baptize their work in the blood of Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, ZZ Top, and the Black Crowes while still managing to create an original and independent style. With their dynamic and fiery new album, Trece Diablos, The Righteous Hillbillies are prepared to raise the stakes from entertainment to that old time rock ‘n’ roll religion. If it doesn’t get you dancing, moving, and singing, you might as well sign your “do not resuscitate” order at the nearest opportunity.

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John Condron

John Condron & The Old
Gang Orchestra

John Condron is a Philadelphia born singer-songwriter, musician, & producer who currently makes his home in the Chicago-land area. The former front man for the power quartet “the benefit” has been spending much of his time lately focusing on solo performances as well as performances w/ his new full band project “The Old Gang Orchestra”. The most recent shows highlight songs from his new disc “…If Any or at All”, released on the Flipside Works label in addition to material from his four previous studio albums. John shares his time these days between performing & producing works for other artists, including, most recently, a full length studio recording for multi platinum Irish singer songwriter Mickey Harte as well as a new writing & production collaboration with legendary songwriter Paul Brady. John is proudly endorsed by the Chicago based Hanson Guitar Co.(Lakland basses). He tours & performs regularly with a number of acts as a support musician & has written & arranged music for dance performance companies(TIDC)& performance poets(EM-press; Sourcebooks) as well as independent T.V. & film projects. Over the years John has shared the bill w/ many major label & independent acts from varying walks of life including Grammy nominated songwriter, poet & artist Joseph Arthur, guitar legend Adrian Belew, bluesman Kenny Wayne Shepherd, singer songwriter Duncan Sheik, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Lovin’ Spoonful, & Irish legends Finbar Furey & Francie Conway to name a few, in addition, he is one of only three American artists to have performed a set as part of Francie Conway’s “Troubador Club”. John has spent the majority of the past year touring in support of the new material across the U.S. & Europe, returning, just recently, from a whirlwind tour of Ireland, highlighted by a performance at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. “The Old Gang Orchestra” made it’s debut in December to impressive reviews & will play a major role in the 2013 schedule

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Paige and the Reverent Few

Paige & The Reverent Few

Paige & The Reverent Few was formed in Chicago and has most recently relocated to Austin, TX. The band is known for raw, dynamic live performances and DeChausse's sultry vocals. The band takes the crowd on a journey from folk acoustic sets to electrifying rock n’ roll, and soulful blues. Their song selection comes from an array of influences such as The Band, Chess Records, The Wood Brothers, John Prine, Gillian Welch, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Otis Redding & more. Full of youthful energy and a fiery rock n’ roll spirit Paige & The Reverent Few are a must see and hear!

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Ed Anderson

Edward David Anderson

Edward David Anderson is an artist as ancient as he is modern. In a time when the music business flails about, grasping at any new trend that will save its sinking ship, he exists far beyond its confines. Best known for his work with the revered Midwestern rock band Backyard Tire Fire who released a string of acclaimed albums in the previous decade, Anderson returns to the national stage with his anticipated solo debut, Lies & Wishes. Produced by Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin, it finds Anderson creating his own mythology through a collection of songs that embrace vulnerability, while rooted in his working class aesthetic. Anderson sings, “I’m the son of a plumber, from a God fearing mother.” The lyric says much about where the story begins for him as an artist.

Anderson was born and raised just west of Chicago and lives a simple life, spending winters in an RV alongside the Gulf of Mexico in lower Alabama. He’s an American songwriter on an existential quest seeking and searching through his songs. His musings on love and loss, struggle and hope are a soundtrack for fellow travelers. Songs like “Lies & Wishes” “Lost & Found” and “Chain Reaction” delve deep into the human condition, asking difficult questions of himself and his loved ones. Indeed, many of the songs were written following the passing of his mother.

Musically speaking, the core of Lies & Wishes is built around refined melodies, acoustic guitars and sparse arrangements, yet Berlin’s production colors the tracks with squalls of electric guitar, affected vocals, drum loops and assorted analog keyboard flourishes. It should also be noted that fans of Anderson’s vintage rock and roll songwriting from his Backyard Tire Fire days will find plenty to love on tunes like “Nothing Lasts Forever,” “Taking It Out On You” and “The Next Melody,” as they deliver the big hooks and classic refrains on which Anderson so effortlessly hangs his hat.

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Cutthroat Shamrock

The Regressors

Some time in the not too distant future, Molly Hatchet and The Specials meet and party down at a Dead show held at the Grand Ol Opry by Lee Perry. All the while, moonshiners push their beverages in the parking lot to a sea of unsuspecting college girls stumbling drunk in their khaki pants and white tank tops. They'll shout, "The Regressors rock!" "Have you ever even heard them?", "No, but I heard they really rock!" It's alright, just enjoy a bowl of split pea soup from the parking lot venders - listen to the bluegrass of the parking lot pickers. The ride home that night will be long as the Elvis Costello CD that's in the CD player isn't the typical kick ass rockin stuff he normally does, but rather a collaboration with Burt Bacharach; something your parents, or maybe your grandparents, would dig. The soothing sounds of Costello's deep pronounced vibrato and Bacharach's laid back french horn arrangements actually make everyone take some time to search their soul a bit. "Yes indeed, the moonshine was fine, but the soup was what really put me over the edge"...

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Chicago-based quartet The Leadfoot Band founded itself on bluegrass roots almost a decade ago and have branched out from there. Their influences include everything from The Band to Hank Williams, Sam Bush to Metallica, Split Lip Rayfield to Lou Reed and everything in between. Reformed in 2011 after more than a five-year hiatus, they have picked up steam and spread the wings of possibility, pushing their hard-driving, high-octane brand of bluegrass, roots, and rock-influenced acoustic music farther than before. This robust musical delicacy tantalizes the senses and gets the feet moving. It is a smokin' blend of styles suitable for any palette, summed up perfectly by musician Jaik Willis: "Chicago's freshest post-bluegrass served up spicy- just how you like it- with tasty grooves and lightning-fast delivery." Leadfoot is releasing their first album in six years, self-titled "The Leadfoot Band," produced by Josh Shapera in Chicago with guest musician Pat Sansone of Wilco on keys. Breaking it down to the bare bones of strings, the band's lineup includes Steve Haberichter on mandolin, Mike Vanier on acoustic guitar, Garrett 'Geebs' Degnan on bass, all held together with the tight rhythm of Mike Holtz on a minimalist drum set. The band produces more sound than one would expect. Tied together with three-part harmonies, The Leadfoot Band's multi-dimensional grooves vary from intense, to pocket groove, to two-steppin', to straight bluegrass and Newgrass, to plain straight headbanging. Not what you normally get with a string trio and snap drum kit; The Leadfoot Band is definitely not your normal acoustic quartet. The band has played all around the Midwest from Michigan to the Rocky Mountains, playing with such artists as Sam Bush, Railroad Earth, Drew Emmitt Band, Darol Anger, Split Lip Rayfield, Acoustic Hot Tuna, Bill Nershi (String Cheese Incident), Hot Buttered Rum, Particle, Jeff Austin & Dave Johnston (Yonder Mountain String Band), Vince Welnick Band, Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon), Sarah Watkins (Nickel Creek), The Special Consensus, and The Iguanas to name a few.

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Prairie Ghosts

The Prairie Ghosts

Michael Shehan, lead singer, guitarist, harmonica player, and songwriter, had always been into singing, but didn't pick up a guitar until an injury ended his military career. He broke his neck playing football at West Point, and while he recovered, he used a roommate's guitar to teach himself how to play songs that he always liked to sing. When he was officially discharged from active duty, he reconnected with his childhood friends in the area. His grade school friend Brian Seeley had been playing for years, and so Brian and Michael would get together and jam, with Michael strumming and singing, and Brian coming up with great licks and solos. They wrote some funny songs and decided to record a few of them. They decided to form a band, and the Walnuts for Later were conceived.

They played for a few years, writing more and more, and the songs became more complex. As they worked on recording their premier album, the band grew from a duo to a trio, then to a quartet. When they brought in a keyboard, they knew that the band they had was more than the band they started with. They decided to re-name and re-brand themselves The Prairie Ghosts. The Prairie Ghosts released their first album Habit in the summer of 2013, and the rest is history in the making. You can listen to their music at www.theprairieghosts.com.

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Prairie Ghosts


Vaudevileins is a rock band from Chicago. Since 2010, the band has toured the U.S. of A using the power of aviator sunglasses, sweat, beards, and a green Ford van.

Jeff Julian - vox and guitar
Andrew Payne - lead guitar
William Aldridge - bass
Brennen Chouinard - drums

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Cutthroat Shamrock

Alex Hoffer

Alex has been a fulltime musician in the Chicagoland area for five years now and in that time he has been building a loyal following around the Midwest. From the city of Chicago and the suburbs that contain it, to Milwaukee to Ann Arbor to San Diego and almost everywhere in between. Alex has found his way to many places in this country with guitar in hand, voice in mind, loving every moment of the journey.  

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Cutthroat Shamrock

Hatfield Sisters

The Hatfield Sisters, as a musical group, was formed inadvertently by sisters, Anne and Mary Hatfield, after many years of playing together at home.

Although classically trained, the Sisters musical repertoire thrives on a fusion of Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton Fiddle music. Steeped in tradition, these Celtic fiddle styles retain their musical relevance with the Sisters subtle variations and fresh arrangements.

The Hatfield Sisters musical escapades have taken them to numerous venues including Chicago Celtic Fest, Chicago Cultural Center, Northern Illinois University's World Music Concert, Parrot's Eyes in Colorado, Chicago's Navy Pier, and Milwaukee Irish Fest. Anne and Mary have both toured with Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. Anne has recently returned from a tour in Taiwan with Michael Flatley's Feet of Flames and has toured extensively for the past 4 years.

Their combination of high-energy step-dance and fiddling creates a contagious exuberance, infecting audiences with irrepressible clapping and toe-tapping.

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